Would a marriage work if the two are coming from a different family background?

Well in marriage its a relationship taken to the next level so if lets say the guy is coming from a solid family background and the girl is coming from an abandonment from a father, what are the chances this would end up bad or end up good?


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  • GOOD. that will only make her stronger and she probably would never leave her growing family because she knows what it feels like. she could just wonder if you would ever will, like her father did to her.

    ex. I know someone whos grandfather was with a lot of women & had a lot of kids but the child, who is now the father said he will never leave his kids or wife. because of that experience.

  • Right now I can honestly say its a struggle but we've been married 5yrs.It's very frustrating sometimes he's from a solid family with money and I broken home with no money. We bump heads on everything. How to clean, Take care of our kids,set rules for our kids.We do agree on sex though. To answer your Q only time,patience,and lots of love can tell.

    • I don't mean to ask personal questions but what do you mean when you bump heads on how to clean? like what exactly happens, one doesn't like to clean, the other one likes the home to be clean all the time?

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