He claims to not believe in marriage, or having a committed relationship?

I've recently started seeing this guy, who I've fallen for quite hard. He has ranted on for hours on how he doesn't believe in marriage and doesn't ever wish to get married. He said, and I quote, "if two couples are both together for 30 years, and one of them is married, and the other isn't, who has the stronger relationship?" He's convinced that the couple without the ring is stronger.

He's also stated that once he's done finding out new things about a woman, he immediately stops seeing her and it's "on to the next one."

Do all men feel this way? I'm assuming I can't change his mind, but the things that he has said make me feel as if he has no feelings for me at all, and that I must constantly keep him entertained if I want to keep him around...or else it's "on to the next one" for him.

Is it possible he does have feelings for me? Because the way he's talking is making me feel as if he wants to rid himself of me already.


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  • he doesn't wanna be with you. guys that are players and don't wanna settle will use this excuse to try to shut you up. its just bullsh*t. that way if he ever moves on he will be able to say "i said I don't want a commitment". if a commitment is what you want, this guy won't give it to you. you can't "convince" someone to believe in marriage, either they do or they don't and he dont..all men don't feel that way but a lot of guys do well maybe like 40 percent or something? most guys feel this way until they find the one.

    • Thanks, girl! The situation is just upsetting because I really fell hard for him...But I know I'm not the only girl he's seeing (he hasn't flat out said it, but as women I think we can tell...especially when he says the things he has). I appreciate your honesty!

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  • Well that is pretty strange. I can see where he's coming from though, being Married doesn't change your relationship, except from a legal standpoint. All the vows and other things that are expected of a married couple SHOULD be commonplace in ANY relationship.

    I understand the importance of being married, pledging your Love to one man/woman. So I'm going to say NO, not all men feel that way.

    I long for the day I get married to the partner I fall for. I WANT to say those vows to her, in front of our loved ones.

    • I'm trying to figure out if he's saying these things because he wants to whore around at his leisure, or if he wants a genuine relationship without the piece of paper.

      I'm thinking it's the former, rather than the latter (his admitting that he's perfectly content on getting rid of a woman at the drop of a hat makes me think this). If that's the case though, he'll never be happy.

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  • Lol, what a douche. This sounds like one of those people who don't believe that there is such a thing as love. I don't know, I can' t really help in this answer. I just know that people I talk to who are like, "Marriages never work" are the ones who don't believe love can exist. And that makes me upset and sad.. I don't know.. good luck with this guy though...

    • I totally agree. He's told me that he's only told one girl that he loved her in his life (he's 26). And although his parents are still together, he says they'd be better off divorced and that they don't really love one another. I'm guessing his commitment issues are stemming from that.

      I've got my fingers crossed, but I'm NOT holding my breath with this guy.