He is being disrespectful to me? Is it right or wrong?

I have been engaged for 4 years. When we go out he always gets missing and when I find him in the bar he is always talking to a strange female. He gets mad when I say something and says he hasn't done anything wrong he was just being nice and friendly, mean while I'm alone. Am I wrong in thinking this is wrong and he is being disrespectful to me and our relationship or am I over reacting?


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  • It completely depends.

    I'd be worried about the fact that he goes missing frequently much more than the fact that he was talking to a strange girl in the bar. Bars are social places where people sit around, drink, and spew out the facts of their lives to strangers. For all you know, he could have been talking about you in beautiful, colorful terms to this strange woman. However, disappearing when he goes out with you is certainly disrespectful... Someone who has taken you out should be be your side from beginning until the end. That is basic courtesy.

    It is natural to be jealous in these types of situations and it is beneficial to let him know why in a calm and clear manner. If you get too emotional, then he'll always shut down and give you the response of "There was nothing happening, baby." But if you are calm, calculated, and forthright --"It makes me wonder about your feelings for me when you just disappear like that."-- it will show him that you mean business and it is important to you.

    • Thanks never thought about it that way...

  • personally I think its disrespectful towards you, I know I wouldn't want my girl talking to random guys at a bar id get pissed off, unless I knew the guy she was talking to was one of her friends. I don't think your over reacting at all.

    • Thank you that's exactly how I feel...

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