What do you think this means?

my fiancee and I have set a date to marry this summer after being engaged for 3 years,and I'm extremely excited!

the question that I have follows.

my friend ran into my ex (who still to this day stares me down every time he sees me and recently at a concert danced too close to me for comfort,anyway too long of a story)

and they questioned her how come they haven't seen her out,her answer was"I'm planning "her"(me) wedding",my ex was there with his friend who just looked at each other stunned and silenced by her answer.his friend did continue a conversation but my ex kept quiet who is a very chatty guy.

what does this mean?

they were asking my friend how come she hasn't been out,and her reply was that she was planning my wedding!


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  • You lost me at "and they questioned 'her' how come they haven't seen her out" Can you retype that last paragraph with identity specifications because I couldn't tell who you were talking about throughout the whole tail end of your description. I think more people will be able to answer your question confidently if you clarified :D thanks

  • Yes, but what does that have to do with your ex?


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