What is going on with my fiancee?

Me and my fiancée have been together for over 2 years now, the weekend of the 12th was my birthday and I went to her college to visit her. We had had a bumpy month but that weekend I was trying to show her things are getting better, and things were. I proposed to her with the ring, made love, it was a great weekend and the week following everything seemed good, there were no fights, no issues..Then on Friday she said that she was having doubts and didn't know if she wanted to be with me. How can you from saying yes, having a great week, and one day in that week say your sorry for not talking so much to me cause of work and said it felt weird, and go to you don't know if we will last til summer. I told her that I saw what I did wrong and that I'm fully committed to working and getting better for us, she just gets difficult and says she's doesn't know and is giving me no chance., Where did this come from, why have a great week all of a sudden blow up and take a turn for the worst. Please help.


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  • She's your fiance, you should know her better than anyone on here. The fact that you're posting this question would be my first clue that you two are not ready to get married.

    You're both very young and not even living in the same area (I assume since you talk about visiting her college), that makes a serious relationship that much harder. Likely she has some issues like she's not ready to commit to one guy for the rest of her life or she's worried about all the fights/problems you guys have.

    This is a serious conversation you need to have with her. Figure out sooner rather than later if you both want the same thing and are both committed.

    • For are marriage we decided it would be like 5 years from now, as we both agreed on that. And we only live a few short hours apart but talk all the time and visit each other often. She doesn't go and hook with other guys and has had few relationship in the past, but the fights and problems might be it, but I try to explain to her that we are better and she's being hard about it...i think it might b a hormonal state she's in...who knows

    • A lot can (and will) change in 5 years. Communication is key to a successful, long-lasting relationship. If you just chalk everything up to "hormonal" you will quickly find yourself single.

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