How can I propose to my wife...?

We got married nearly 3 years ago. She proposed to me on a few occasions before I said yes. I get the feeling when we discuss films/books etc where proposal is involved she feels a little left out. While we are very happy and now have a 18mth old daughter I would like to do this for her. I want to show her how much I care over and above the day to day little things.

Now we do not have much/any money so I'm looking for romance and not necessarily the grand gesture.

Any ideas would be gratefully received, I think getting it right will be in the small details?

P.S Getting someone to look after the little one is complicated for us. I am a home dad so have time to prepare during the day.


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  • Do like a proposal/ wedding vow renewal (or make up vows)

    On a Saturday get her best friend to take her shopping telling her you want to have a 'date night' or something and she could maybe buy a dress and they can get ready at her house.

    While she's out...

    Decorate your living room, with rose petals on the floor and flowers around the room, maybe a long white carpet (isle) make like an alter or canopy with stuff from around the house.

    And have some soft music playing in the background.

    May I suggest 'Pachelbel's Canon in D - The wedding March' (was in the movie 'father of the bride')

    Invite your closest family and friends and have them hide in another room.

    Get dressed up in your best suit

    When she walks through the door give her a sec to look around.

    Then come in and take her hand, bringing her to the isle

    Then everyone else can come in (if you want)

    Hold her hands, make eye contact and tell her something like:

    - "you are my life, my love, my all, the reason I get up every morning and decide to live"

    -"i never knew I could be as happy as you have made me in the last 3 years"

    - "if you let me, I'd like to spend my life making you as happy as you have made me."

    - "I have been so lucky to have you in my life, but there is something that I've never asked you that I feel I must ask"...

    Get down on one knee...

    "will do me the honor of being my wife?"..."again?"

    She will say yes, cry, smile, hug you, say "aawwww I had no idea!" "i love you so much", then party all day with your friends and family and then get lucky at night ;)

    Sorry I got a bit carried away... obviously I'm a sucker for romance.

    Oh and dress your little girl in something cute!

    • Dont be sorry that's Great :) really have something to work with

      Nothing wrong being a sucker for romance, some would say there is not enough of it around at the moment.

      Let you know how it goes.

    • Yes please do!

      It is really sweet of you to do this for her, she is a very lucky girl.

      Good luck! :)

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  • I would do some online searches for ideas--there are tons of ideas on the net...consider her loves/hobbies/interests or something special yall share together & try to work them in somehow for more tugs on her could be a little tricky if you're not actually gonna re-new your vows, but you may be able to try to do a simple version of this, like say at your 5 year anniversary...I would think about waiting closer to that or the 10 year mark---& trust me, it will mean even more to her...a vow renewal doesn't necessarily have to be exspenive, be creative...if she proposed to you the first time around, do it your way this time & in your own timing.


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