Should I text him, or should I wait for him to text me?


So there is this guy that I have been texting for the past few weeks. He was the first one to text me one night, and we talked for about two hours. Over the past few weeks we have texted several times, and he has always been very enthusiastic in his texts. But other than that first convo I have been the once to initiate conversation. Last week I decided that I wouldn't text him, and wait and see if he would text me. And a week later he did. I was ecstatic. This was three days ago. Now what do I do? Do I wait for him to start the conversation again or do I go ahead and start a conversation with him?

P.S. He is in college, so until the summer I only get to see him when he is visiting his family and attends Church and when I text him.



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  • HI


    its coolavi

    I am glad to know there is some progress in your relationship compared to last time.

    At least you have come to the level of texting each other.

    from my side I would like to say you ...

    Everything is going on in good way .

    such anxieties whether to text at particular moment to him or to wait

    happens...just be cool...

    just do what your heart says

    but remember don't be in so much hurry to ask everything on text i.e let everything on going basis. remember not to disturb him after a limit.(u can even do that but it depends on at which confidence level your in with him)

    one more thing try your level best he should not come more in contact with other girls.(I am not talking of frinds).

    secondly don't hurry in proposing him .

    u have to keep him safe for you for future ( for you only)

    at this stage you need to show more care and support to him in every walks of life eg. college


    PERSONAL MSG: HI darksaint please mail me some of information (in text) of that boy

    (IF You LIKE ) so that I can help you more because presently I am unaware of both of you ( your qualities ,choices,preference, hobbies, likes etc) because every person is of different mood and personality


    (a good friend like me are always there to help u)


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  • text him.


  • If you like him you should text him.


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