Why doesn't she reply to missed calls or texts?

Hey guys I need a little or a lot of help here...

i met a female friend (classmate) whom I had a crush 10 years back...the first time we chatted on phone for 3-4 days then we met to give DEFENSE exam together...i didn't notice her that much and talked random stuff...

then after 2-3 months I called her for a little favor and she said I'll have to meet her 1st ...we met...and after our 2nd meeting...she called me the next day to tell me "that we should meet more often so that we can get to know each other because she has only 2 months before she joins training"...so I met her again...while talking pulled her leg...teased her ...made her laugh and burned her once with wittiness...

we met again two more times the we hung out almost the whole day together...i called her later and she then started discussing the friends she has and she'd like me to meet them...called me "smart" and even said she doesn't have a prob marrying a guy from "territorial army" which I'm joining...

i played all the compliments down coolly...and whenever I call sometimes she doesn't pick up or reply to texts...but when she picks up she talks for 1/2 hour an hour or two easily...even shares stuff like "today I got proposed for marriage and this guy likes me" ...she always says "gimme this movie when you meet me" and things like" so when are you coming to my house next?"...but she's pretty,hot,sophisticated and gets asked around a lot by guys...

so why doesn't she reply to missed calls or texts...does she not call out of nervousness because I take her case, make fun of her or she's not interested...she even tries to take my case and once succeeded and was very happy about it..lol..calls me by my pet name sometimes...but as you can see she does dump a lot of guys when they ask her out...and I don't wanna be a casualty...help


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  • Too busy, or doesn't want you in her life.

  • She's too busy?

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