What would be the perfect proposal?

i live in germany (U.S Army) rite now and my girlfriend is a local national I want to ask her to marry me

what would be the perfect proposal?

In July we are possibly going to make a trip back to America (Orlando FL)

Should I do it there?


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  • Take her to a place she really likes/thinks is pretty, but make sure you can be alone. When in private pop the question. This allows her to give an honest reaction without either of you getting embarassed and also makes it more personal.

    Honestly, when I see public proposals I wonder if the person really wants to get married or just wants to put on a show. It also makes it worse if they refuse >.>


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  • Every woman's different so you know your girl the best. I think the biggest decision a man has to make is to know if a woman is that type that wants a public or private proposals. I personally want a private intimate proposal. I want a man to propose to me while we are doing something simple that we always do and him saying that being able to do something so simple with me makes him love me more and want to spend the rest of his life with me doing this simple thing.

    • Is there any significance of Orlando or Florida in your relationship? Is it somewhere that could have future significance? How did you pick the ring did you ask her closest friend and just get something that you like? I am actually in a womens group and I was shocked that the biggest gripe women have is that they hate their ring and they usually buy another later in the marriage lol

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