MARRIED and so so confused with another MAN...

I am a 22 yr female married for 3 1/2 yrs. I've been working at a court for 2 months now... There is this lawyer here whom I am soooo attracted too I don't know why we haven't even spoken to each other. I feel so embarrassed to speak to him. And he seems like he's kind of shy... I love my husband so so much, but this is like an obsession... What do you suggest I should do? When I come into work the first thing I want is run into him... What is going on with me? How do I know if he's interested or what should I do?


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  • Just because you get married doesn't mean that you become blind to the other sex, or that you will never be attracted to another person.

    But,... you made a vow to be true and faithful (the marriage thing), so if this guy feels the same way about you, or not doesn't really matter.

    You love your husband, and this obsession that you talk about is probably rooted more in lust and mystery,... after all, one the the most exciting things about a new relationship is the fact that you don't know everything about the person and the "chase."

    However since you are married, it would be best for you to put this out of your head, and if you can't do that, then I would suggest looking for another job (but that is rough, b/c it's not like you won't ever be in this same position again). It also could be that you were 18 when you got married so you have not been with too many other people, and it is probably adding to that mystery.

    Best advice, put this out of your head, and don't pursue this guy, or let him pursue you, otherwise you could end up ruining your marriage.

    Best of luck.


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