Is he just leading me on?

Me and my boyfriend have been together almost two years we've known each other and have liked each other for four years. After a year together we both talked about starting a family his idea not mine. But when I got pregnant he turned into a super jerk. For four month it was pure hell. He started talking to his ex all the time went and hung out with her a few times just to tick me off. End of July. He insisted we take a break but after four days it killed him he broke the silence and told me he really just needed a few days away. He spent a day with his ex who told him he needed to decide if he wanted to dump me and get back with her or drop it. So he told her he really did love me and wanted to b with me. But when marriage is talked about he has been divorced and says he doesn't want a paper marriage he sees me as his common law wife and got me a ring and talks bout getting us a house later but I don't understand why a piece of paper is so much hassle. I'm happy he got the ring and everything but I'm afraid its just to shut me up even though I really don't talk about it much. After the incident with his ex I've been really leery about our relationship and he does seem to b trying to fix the bad parts. I'm just confused is he is only doing it Because he feels bad or does he really love me and want to be with me

He was. Spent 10 days in the hospital with him dumping his p*ss and helping him bathe found out he had a rare blood cancer got out of the hospital found out he was still talking to his ex and boohooing he wanted her back so I went home only to have him have his mom *27 years old still having mommy handle his business* to tell me he needs a break. I go take his stuff to him and caught him with his ex. He finally gained enough pity points to get her back.


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  • It seems that he's just leading you on, and is doing things just because he feels bad about it.


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