Is he still interested?

So I met this guy online and we had been exchanging emails for a few weeks. Turns out we go to the same college and I thought the emailing was going great so I proposed we meet up. We had a date setup and everything, then he decided it was probably too soon. I agreed and we decided to postpone until sometime in the spring since schools getting pretty busy.

So I haven't heard or gotten an email from him in about a week. Should I send him another email to check up? Or would that make me seem too clingy? I thought we'd been chatting really well together and he mentioned he'd been pretty busy and had been meaning to write back to me...but hasn't. Maybe nothings going on at all? What to do what to do.


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  • do you have his facebook? If you do, then I would just send him a short hi on facebook chat when he is on. Do you guys have each others' phone numbers? I would just send a quick text saying, hey I hope you are doing great in school etc. I mean, just small talk chat to see if he is going to reply back to you in some short effort. Well hopefully it works out, it seems you like the guy. good luck