If my ex is engaged and happy, why does he tell me we will never be cool?

Me and my ex had a really rocky break up. We both lied and manipulated each other. For a while he even played back and forth between me and his fiancé begging me to come back and it just stopped recently. (even when they were engage) Ultimately, I know he wants her and he only contacts me when they fight which is the reason I never went back. When they make up he tells me to go away. I try and be mature and told him that we both did wrong (he was more wrong then me for giving me mix signals) and I want to be cool with him. He say that will never happen. I didn't go back (even though I wanted to) because I didn't feel I had 100% of his heart and I wasn't going to be treated like a puppet. I would like to be at least civil but if he is engage and apparently happy why will he not be cool with me?


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  • why would he forgive you just because he's happy?

    • I am just trying to let bigones be bigones. We had both did wrong and in all reality he did so much more. I would think if a person is really happy they would at least be cool with each other. he is civil with all his ex's

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    • well the fact is they did him wrong way more. they were cheaters and abusers. I really didn't wrong him, I played a little into his stupid games he played with me which I guess can be wrong but he handed me crap so I handed it back which did make things worse even when he was trying to get me to come back when he was fighting with his girlfriend. I just though of at least accepting what had happen and be civil if we ever bump into eachother.

    • well regardless of that, if he thinks you wronged him, I wouldn't expect him to forgive you just because he's happy.

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