Why does my ex continue to call?

so my ex ended a 3 year relationship between us, he told me that he was no longer in love with me but he wants to be friends with me and he calls me every single day, if he can't reach me on my cell he will call the house phone and I don't answer or return the call. I just don't see the point in why he feel he has to call me every day, I mean what's the point? I changed my password on my fb, deleted him off my skype and I changed the name on my twitter after he told me he goes on there and looks at my profile, so I did that so he can't find me, I basically cut off all contact... why is he calling and texting every day if he Doesn't what a relationship with me or is not trying to have one with me? also we dated for 3ys and he actually proposed to me, just to give you guys some background on the relationship.


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  • He wants what he cannot have. Some guys just go from one relationship to another and always think the last girl was always better. Unless he has real feelings for you and regrets losing you, this would be the most-likely reason.


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