How it comes I reject him but he is acting normal??

my friend told me he likes me and gave me a red rose(like asked me to not be just friends). and after 3 days asked me about my opinion. we met and I told him I'm not gonna start any relationship more than friendship. but I'm really glad of having him as my friend. then gave him options to finish our friendship or keep it as we started and assume nothing has been happened

he understood it very well and we went for a walk and even launch like before. does it mean he really could deal with it or he may decides not contacting me that much now on? or he was just trying to show it cool? or does it mean he didn't really like me and was just saying it for fun?!


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  • He is what you call a man not a little boy goes away and cries to his momma. He gave you a proposal and didn't come back 3 days later I'd say he gave it his best shot and accepted it and plays it cool that's what a real man does in a situation like this.

    • it was what I really meant, I really liked it. I was not going to lose him as my friend and I was so sad he put me in such situation that wether I need to pretend I have feelings for him or lose his friendship!

      we talked in this 1-2 days but he was not talking about what had happened, anyway

      the only thing I'm alittle worry is that he thinks when I told him I'm not ready for starting any relationship with any one, and it now just about u. he would think I asked him to wait for me!

    • In his situation I'd say he would put you on the backburner in his mind until you are ready for a relationship and may try again. Its seems like a good man and I would not try to lose his friendship in the mean time. I wouldn't talk about the issue anymore because its done if you are not ready for relationship that's fine.

    • i see

      really tnx for your help :)

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  • some people can hide or supress it or they can accept it either way.. I agree with modernman


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