If a guy says that he doesn't want to get married is that what he actually means?

He has told me in the beginning that he is not keen on marriage and then latter on he told me he wants to get married to me because I changed his mind then he gets around his friends and gets pissed with me and says no he doesn't want to get married then I ask him again and he says we will see what the hell is up with all this


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  • you are a bit young to be thinking of marraige, no offense intended. Usually guys say what they mean, if he changed his story he was either lying or telling you something he thought you might want to hear. Usually in that case it's to keep you with him.

    My advice? forget about marraige for a while, if he changes his mind and means it, then he'll propose, if you want to get married and you're serious about it, find another boyfriend instead of playing his head games.


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