No father to walk me down the aisle?

I've been watching My Fair Wedding (a TV show) and in this particular episode, the bride's father is against the marriage and won't escort her down the aisle. and it got me thinking...

my father passed away a few years ago and marriage is many many years away for me but what am I going to do? Walk down alone? Have an uncle or my grandfather (if he's still alive/can walk) escort me? Some of you may say its no big deal, who cares, etc... but it means a lot to me cause my dad missed my baptism, he'll miss my high school graduation, he'll miss my college graduation, etc. I won't even get a father-daughter dance...

Just wondering what y'alls thoughts were on this? Whether having someone 'give away' the bride was important and its okay for the bride to walk alone...


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  • I'm sure by the time this is a current problem, you will have the solution. Many women find a sort of suriget dad, a older man who you see as a father figure. some do walk down alone, some are escorted down by there bother(s) or sister(s). I even once saw a women walk down the aisle, holding a picture of her father who had died two months before the wedding. that was a tear jerkier.

    • Thanks. yeah, I've got many years to figure it out...

      my mom told me about a friend of hers whose dad died the week before the wedding. They held the wedding in the same church as the funeral two days later.

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  • I think usually an Uncle or something like that would do it.


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