Guys, if you were proposing and she'd say no?

would you rather she tells you right away or she says yes at first and tells you later in quiet minute?

Ok thanks guys, the question hypothetical of course. I my now fiance asked me to marry him last weekend and I said yes.

But he did it at a party, with all our friends, and I know a lot of people do it in a public place, so it got me thinking if I would
have said no, wether it would have been better to say it right away or wait until we are alone


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  • She'd better say No right away.

    Waiting until later to say No?

    That's some f***ing cowardly bullsh*t right there.

    She'd be lucky to walk away from that without some bruising and internal bleeding. Holy sh*t. How the hell would you feel if the guy you loved took you out somewhere special, and at some point knelt down on one knee, pulled out a MASSIVE diamond ring and said "I think we should see other people?"

    Don't tell me you wouldn't be emotionally f***ed. Women cry (and maybe slap) but guys punch. Don't ever f*** with a guys emotions THAT badly, or by christ in heaven, you are playing with fire.

    • While I agree with your answer, I hope that's not the real reaction you'd have. You would have every right to be pissed, but it's no reason to beat a girl either =/

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    • ' 3) To prevent her from physically attacking someone weaker than her. ' sorry but no, that's not a good reason to hit anyone

    • Yeah? Tell that to the weaker person she was about to assault.

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  • if you're are the one in that position, I suggest you let the guy know that you are not ready for an engagement , that way he'll know where you stand. While it would be best to tell him no right away, it be better if you could spare him the embarrassment/ awkward feeling.

    • Yeah I can see why you said yes, He did out you in the spot. Do you know why you don't want to be engaged? was he aware of this b4 proposing? do you want to break up with him at all?

    • No I do want to marry him someday and I said yes and hope to be with him forever. It was just really surprising because we're both still in college and don't really have money so when he asked I was just like wow. I almost said 'what the hell are you thinking?' but I said yes and meant it.

      We're probably not gonna get married in the next two years tho.

      the question hypothetical.

    • so let him know that you'd rather have a long engagement. but yeah what was he thinking? did you give him any hints as per you wanted an engagement? or did you unknowingly encourage him to do this?

  • Tell me no right away...why the hell would I wanna played with?


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  • I agree. Right away. Waiting only makes you dishonest in my eyes.

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