If you ever cheated or had an affair what was the worst part about it?

what was the thing that made it the most difficult, mainly on you not just your significant other, what made it hard to do ? if anything


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  • didn't cheat but when I was engaged, a guy from work asked me out. I went with the guy to a movie, but then felt really guilty about it and I didn't feel right being with the guy. I never told the guy I was engaged. My fiance then didn't get me an engagement ring yet, because we were dating long distance and the ring was coming through mail. But anyways, I ended telling the co-worker that I had a lot of presents to wrap for my nephews and nieces and didn't feel well about going to go see a movie. Plus there was no chemistry there (he was 33 and I was 24). So we ended our date early but I still felt like it was sort of wrong because I was leading the guy to believe I like him when I can't because I was engaged. I'm married now so I guess I can't go out to dates anymore which is fine. When I told my fiance then that I went on a date with a guy that really liked me he was crushed and he was really sad :( oh wells, nothing happened and I didn't even like the food at the restaurant. I didn't even go see the movie with the guy. But it's over with now and we got married 3 months later.


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  • The pain of wanting to be w/someone that you can't be with. Being in love w/someone else while married to someone you have been with for a long time but don't feel a lot for. The worst part was the terrible pain when we ended it. Going on two years and it still hurts. It was complete hell. As the guy said below, no guilt for the most part. Just miss the guy I fell for.


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  • Being in love with the other woman and never being able to do anything more concrete about it.

    Hurting the woman I'm married to.

    Not being fully available to TWO women that I loved - although I loved them differently.

    The sheer agony of breakup, and witnessing the sheer agony of my wife at suspecting the affair.

    Weirdly, a formidable lack of guilt.

    As wonderful as this affair was, the entire episode was also as painfull as hell.

    • I can relate. Going through the same thing. Two years since we ended the affair, although ours was emotional and not so much physical (stopped it before it went too far). But, the aftermath has been hell. So painful :(

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