Brings up marriage when he's been drinking? Help?

My man and I met up at the bar. We had both been drinking, but he had a nice head start. I think it was safe to assume he was drunk. At one point he said "you realize you're just so wonderful I'm probably gonna have to marry you" in a very cute tone. I smiled and kissed him. He mentioned it again a few moments later, and this time said something along theses lines, "I'm sorry if that scares you a little. You're just so perfect. I want to make love to you everyday. That's all I want to do. I'm gonna marry you, you realize that? I would never hurt you. I'm gonna marry you." This wasn't the last time. He mentioned it again later that night.

I don't want to take what he said too seriously. I'm worried because I've seen my fair share of honest and lying drunks. I've never seen a drunk lie about his real feelings though.

Guys, please give some advice. Before I think about how I feel I want to get some outside opinions on this.


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  • well maybe that's the only times he's brave enough to say something about it. some people when there drunk say what there really thinking. but its hard to tell...maybe you should ask him about it sometime when he's not drunk.

    • So he said it another day without the influence of alcohol. Still he brings it up in a jokingly matter of fact way. This time after giving him great sex... which still leaves me to wonder.

    • mhm. well try talking about it or kidding about it when you two are just sitting there casually. But maybe he's just hinting that he is serious about your relationship but he doesn't want to say it other times because he doesn't want to scare you off. He could possibly be testing your reaction. Its hard to tell.

  • a lot of guys propose marriage, or so I've read in fashion magazines and they are just doing it to see if they scare you off or not

    • You mean to toy with them, or to "test the waters" so to speak for a serious thought about it?

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