Is he thinking about proposing?

my boyfriend and I have been dating for a little while, and are very in love. our friend recently got engaged, and the "marriage talk" came up. he is a few years older than me, and he told me that he wouldn't want to get married until I was 22, which is not for another year and 2 months. I was OK with that, and figured that it wouldn't get brought up again until then. but then last night out of nowhere, he asked me about my dream engagement ring. it was like getting hit by a ton of bricks... not in a bad way... just in a very very VERY surprised way. after we talked about the ring for a minute, he changed the subject to the first time we said "i love you". he rarely discusses his feelings. it was just very strange for him. I know that the obvious answer is "yeah, he is probably going to propose"... but he said he wanted to wait til I was 22? is it possible that he was just curious? opinions guys...


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  • I think he wanted to see what your reaction or response will be. Hopefully he will marry you sooner and buy you a nice ring. Proposals are suppose tobe a surprise. So he is going to suprise you and ctach you off guard. Hopefully he does it sooner.


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