Am wondering does it get harder to find a potential mate in your mid 30's?

My sister is in her mid 30's. She had a serious relationship with one guy throughout her 20's. The relationship did not culminate into a marriage and as a result she has spent the last 5 years getting over the break up, dating new people. It seems like the marriage factor is not her in cards because every time she goes out with a guy, after 4 to 5 dates he backs off, or she does. Am wondering is it an age factor?


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  • Of course it gets harder with age. The most suitable relationship material is snatched up early on. The rest of us are the leftovers.


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  • I'm having the same experience. I think people are just always waiting longer to get married. It used to be people got married out of high school, then college, now a lot push it off until their 30s. I'm 99% sure I won't marry anyone until after I'm 30 just because I want the extra time to keep growing as a person, and really the extra time to put into my career to make myself as financially stable as possible.

    • Thanks Quad...yeah you are absolutely right. People are definetely waiting longer and I think the institution of marriage is becoming a thing of the past all together. I mean who wants to inherit someone's financial debts and all that. You spend your 20's going to school, early 30's setting up your career and then you date someone who you are attracted to but they are in a financial mess. Right now that is what she is struggling with...

  • for me, as a guy, I believe that the older a guy gets the harder it will be for him to get a girlfriend because after high school or college, girls have higher standards, they expect the guy to have his own place, not live with his parents anymore


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