Is it wrong to marry a man I don't love?

Its always been my dream to have children of my own. But currently, I just been having a really hard time finding a man who I can fall in love with. I have went out with 40+ years and nobody ever had anything I was looking for. I'm 24 years old and never ever had a boyfriend or a crush in anyone since I was 11. Right now the outlook still looks bleak. It seems that i am looking for a very rare type of personality, which absolutely nobody has. I have been to bars, social events , everywhere. You name it. I have never ever found a man with this type of personality.

Every guy I've encountered with this personality either was married or had a girlfriend. Since it is my ultimate life goal to have children, would it be ok to simply date and marry a man who I don't have romantic feelings for? I will care for him as my own husband. Some people say that I will eventually learn to love my husband after many years into the marriage. I am really worried about being unmarried. All my peers will get married as they get into their 30s, the dating scene is just gonna get more bleak as I get older.
Is it wrong to marry a man I don't love?
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