I told her I liked her...?

Hi. I had this crush with this girl at the gym. I am 18 and she is 3 years younger than me. She went max 3 days each week in the gym so I didn't see her everyday. We have been talking for months and I fell in love with her. She seemed to be of the shy type in the beginning but was also enjoying the attention I gave her most certainly. After some days she started being even more social with me and non-shy. We had mostly a lot of friendly conversations that included no flirt from both sides, but I gave her signs that I like her, (also few compliments) and so I thought she did (?). She is good looking and she was the one that initiated the whole thing ( I would aswell if she hadn't) because of extremely continuous staring. At least physically and on the matter of beauty she admires me and it's obvious by her lookings. I don't want to prove something anonymously with that ofc but I'm trying to give full detail because it's needed. I believe it's because I am handsome ( sorry, no net-impersonator , it's true, I am at least a 3.75/5). I wasn't that buff either at the time.

Also I believe she sent messages to a friend almost directly after approaching her for the first few times.

I was trying to approach her and synchonize with her when leaving at the end of the gym but she either was afraid to move or get out off the gym instruments or left much earlier than she normally did when I was at the locker room. That I though was a sign of her playing hard, but that seems not to be the case. I believe she understood my interest and she was simply afraid that I could tell her something more serious or to get out, also for that she was afraid to lose the attention I gave her or it would make her feel awkward if she just stopped talking to me the next day. One day I asked her for her phone that she gave me, proposed her to go out but she told me she had things to do that week and didn't propose an alternative day, send her a typical SMS after 3 days ( having not seen her in the meantime) that she didn't answer. Ofc I didn't send any message back.

The next day I went in the gym she wasn't even looking at me but gave me the looks when our eyes accidentaly met, but I believe she had a sardonic smile and that direct. She wasn't even turning her head to look at me, she did that once and then turned her head away immediately but that could mean nothing. She also called a friend of hers and seemed to be laughing a lot hiding her expressions from me. All that would normally indicate that she is just playing with me.

I decided ( even before I went to the gym and saw her acting like that) that I would tell her straightforward I like her, because she might have wanted not to seem easy or she would have tested me if I liked her trully. I told her I want to tell her something more personally, she seemed to had a very wondering face that seemed real. That normally wouldn't have been so if she had known that hypothetically I had no interest in her for...


sorry link keeps being reposted by itself? don't know what happens, if its technical or so but I don't do it


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  • she is only 15 man

    • Hi. Yeah I know, how to proceed though? I know she might have no deeper feelings. Can you read pt2 aswell if possible? What is her behavior for?

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    • Hi, I posted a link just now. I don't want either to make her feel bad, read pt2 it explains more

    • On the other hand I have serious doubts if that would prove hurtful for her, I can imagine what you mean, but most likely the opposite would have a longer duration.

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