Would you agree to a marriage contract with the man you love?

well, my friend is muslim, he is a good guy , the kind of guy you'd want your sister to marry, as most of you know his religion does not allow him to have sex outside of wedlock(and no there are no 72 virgins waiting in heaven,as he bitterly explained ,I guess a bin laden motivational con xD) which could spell trouble when it comes to dating, well the thing is I found that in egypt they have this kind unofficial wedding, it's more of a girlfriend agreement, all the couple have to do is go to an imam (a muslim priest) with 2 witnesses sign a contract which will remain with the girl so she could decide if she wanna go official or in case she got pregnant so the kid would have a father, or in case the man died and she needs support (remember this was made 1400 ago), as for the termination they tare that paper and sign a divorce one no need for a priest, of course this can only happen when the girl agrees out of her own will , which bring me to my question:

would you agree to do this with the right guy, that you might love?

I just want to know if there is girls out there who are willing to do this , I just wanna properly introduce my friend to America, and thanks,


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  • I recently met a man of Muslim decent online just by fate and it has been wonderful but interesting at the same time. Distance became a factor. The one thing I noticed is he would freak out if I talked to other men but if he talked to other women that was his business and would get jealous as he would say if I did. He always wanted to know where pics that I posted on my Facebook page were taken. Other than that he seemed nice but we no longer speak that much anymore.

    He was very nice and sweet.


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  • I don't have a biological sister, just two older brothers, but if I did I would wonder if she was doing the right thing marrying someone in a religion that puts discriminating restraints on women as per their clothing requirements, of which I would assume her muslim husband would be compelled to follow and expect of her. If she grew up like me, without religion and royal lady-like proprieties, then she would probably not be happy with him.

    • the guy is my roomate, I bring girls all the time while he is praying and we haven't had a trouble, I asked him about the clothes he said they are as symbolic as the white wedding dress and that he isn't supposed to make his girl do any thing that she doesn't won't, I just want to get the guy laid without breaking his faith, and as I saw the girl has the control of the whole thing, she can say no, she can say yes, she can make it official, I think the men here are a property:p

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    • first I don't have a sister, I said the sister thing is because I saw how he treats a lady, and even when they leave him because of the sex thing, he never says or does any thing to get back at them, I think muslims are misunderstood because of the extremists , as I said it's not marriage it's a contract of commitment, and personally it depends on the girl and guy, if he is treating her well and she feels good with him I don't see y she wouldn't do it, I just wanted girls opinion

    • Again, I think it's fine just for sex. But never forget that women in the middle-east are disciplined with a whipping if so much as their legs are exposed in public. Much of this law is based on muslim religion. A guy who claims himself to be muslim is looked upon as supporting this ridiculous dress code. Most men don't consider that since they don't care and don't have ovaries, but I scorn any document that requires women to dress a certain way just because men can't control themselves.

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  • Doesn't he have to have two of his three premitted wives already before he can do the tempory wife thing. I also doubt an american Iman would go for this kind of thing

    • it's not temporary, in the eye's of islam it's a real marriage, if the conditions are met, and a muslim can't have multiple wife unless his first wife says yes you can marry on other women, in what world would that happen

    • "..in what world would that happen"

      In this world

      I was under the impression that the whole point of this type of arrangement was that it was temporary. The parties are only married for a fixed peroid

  • Would American girls agree to fraudulent marriages? We do it for the Mexicans so ...