He just proposed to me... HELP!!!

His my age and just proposed to me. Obviously he doesn't know what he wants. We haven't spoken in a long time and suddenly out of the blue he pops the question "Will you marry me"?

Well I basically rejected him in the nicest way possible and now he is not talking to me. How do I set him straight and get his friendship back if I haven't already lost it?


~LittleMissChatterBox xoxo


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  • He's not even 18 yet and he's proposing to women. Does he have a job? House? Car? If not, you might point out to him that while you think he's a nice guy (if he in fact is), you really can't give any serious thought to marrying someone unless he has a job, house, and car, and you've been engaged for a reasaonable enough period of time to believe that a marriage might in fact work out. Sounds like a loose cannon to me.


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  • Do one thing; give him a slap for me.


    He's young, he doesn't know what he wants. He also sounds like there's a screw loose somewhere.

  • be like we are to young for this we have our whole lives in front of us I want us to remain friends but I'm not even close to being ready for marriage

  • This made me laugh. Tell him to wake up and sniff reality.

  • Are you talking about that guy you met online? That's so weird, you kids are delusional. Well mainly he is.

    • That boy I met online?

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    • Yes you know what I'm talking about :)

    • No, not really :)

  • lol yea that's a bit too soon. Do you like him though? Like would you date him?

    • I did like him and chances are I may end up liking him but dating is a whole different thing so maybe not

    • I would just act normal around him. His ego is a little dinted atm but he'll get over it

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