I'm engaged, but my girlfriend and I can't seem to get along anymore, not sure what to do anymore?

She just recently moved back in with me, we get along so well when we are not around each other. Then as soon as she moves in we hate being around each other. she's thinking of moving out again, but I don't want to live my life where we can't stand being around each other just for a short moment I don't picture my life this way.

I guess what bugs me the most is that I have changed my whole lifestyle for this person. I agree it was for the best, I have become a better person/man, even in my own eyes. But now I feel almost not good enough. I have never had this issue before where I felt I could not be up to someones standards. I have so many unanswered questions, it leaves me insecure about my future with her.


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  • Seems like you answered your own question. You guys can't live together.

    • I agree, but I guess where I'm confused is why would she say yes to me, then again why would I ask. I really thought things can work out. But I guess I'm looking to see why can't she be the bigger person in this.

    • It's only going to get worse. Trust me.

    • That's interesting. She's making you into a better person, and you agree. But you don't want to feel like she's controlling you? She's always nitpicking your behavior and you fight over that? It's never her behavior that you fight over?