The "exclusive talk" normal?

I currently have three first dates lined up with three different women. My question is, do all women expect dating to be exclusive from the first date or do you assume us guys are dating other people and wait for the "exclusive talk" when we confirm our exclusivity?

I've some girls say this is deceitful, dating multiple people without disclosing it.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I assume the guys are dating others and I date others until the exclusive talk.


What Guys Said 1

  • How the hell COULD they think they were dating you exclusively! They haven't even been on a date with you yet! If they think that, they're somewhat crazy. You shouldn't worry about it at ALL! You're doing nothing wrong by having 3 first dates with 3 different girls. They are DATES, not marriage proposals! Hahaha!

    • No. It's deceitful if they ASK and you say "no, I'm not" when that isn't true. That statement is like a guy saying "it's deceitful if she doesn't say she won't blow me on the second date!" No, it isn't. Asking girl on a date is no more a guarantee that you won't pursue other options than it is a guarantee that she'll blow you on date one or two.

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