Proposal coming or reading too much into it?

For about four weeks now my boyfriend has been doing a few things that aren't that curious by themselves but when placed together, especially with what he did this weekend, have me wondering whether I'm just getting my hopes up or if I'm right and he has no idea what the word subtle means.

It started around four weeks ago when he asked me why I never wear any rings. I didn't lie, I told him they get caught on filing cabinets at work and it hurts like heck and that my boss slays wants the cold air on so they get loose on my fingers and I'm afraid to lose them. All of this is true. He requested I wear one next time I saw him and of course just to see his reason I did but he never said anything about it. The week after that he said he didn't know anything other than what my street and house number were and asked for my full mailing address (like if he wanted to mail something) as well as my home phone number cause I am a college student still staying at home. The address thing isn't weird but he knows I'm never at home because of personal reasons irrelevant to this. I gave them him though. Afterall, he could want to surprise me with something since he just moved out of state and we see each other only on weekends when I drive down to see him (it's only 5 hours away). Then last Monday we were talking like we do every night and he made a comment that caught me off guard. He said he didn't really know my dad that well and he wants to talk to him. That sort of got me wondering if things were beginning to add up but I just went on ignoring it. When I went to see him over the weekend he asked me, after deciding he wanted to take me shopping, what type of necklaces I like and seeing as he bought me a locket for Valentine's Day two months ago I found that very odd. At the mall he told me we weren't leaving until had at least one necklace, bracelet, and ring idea. I looked at necklaces and bracelets and gave him his ideas but instead of looking at necklace and ring and earring sets like I thought he actually had me look at engagement rings. Several of them. And he had the employee at the store pull rings out and show them to us and when she asked if we were looking at engagement rings he just said we were getting ideas. We have plans this upcoming weekend to go to the zoo and go that evening to a nice restaurant and he wants to book a nice hotel and he told me he wants it to be a surprise. Well Sunday when I left his place to drive home he told me the weekend with he zoo and restaurant and hotel would be one to always remember.

Am I reading way too much into this or do you think he is about to propose? It feels like the answer is obvious and I know what I want the answer to be but I don't want to get my hopes up and be wrong about it. My head says I'm being silly my heart tells me that a herd of stampeding elephants through time square would be more subtle than him. What do you think guys? Proposal soon or not?


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  • You can have high hopes (aka wishes), but be sure to have low expectations. Hoping will get the butterflies going in the stomach, but expectations can lead to disappointment if things don't go they way you want it. It's hard to do, but it's not impossible. I hope the best for you :)


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  • So did he propose?

  • ur getting to hooked up on sh*t don't over analyze anything let it be a surprise DONT RUIN IT =D