When do you know when they're The One?

After the first date? After years together? I heard that if a guy doesn't propose after the first year together, then it probably won't work out and you should leave him. Do you believe that? I've also heard people know that they were the one after they first met. After dating someone for a few weeks, I'm not sure even how I feel about him and trying to judge if I should stick around.



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  • I would never propose in the first year even if I were absolutely certain. I'd date them for awhile. Then eventually try living together for a while and see how that goes. Both of which I can't see being less than a year. So the idea that I would propose in under a year just isn't possible to me.

  • You don't.

    You assume.

    And you make yourself believe.

    And accept and embrace that thought.

    Hence why I always say that a relationship founded on love is actually a mutual delusion.


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