Why is an ex pursuing me when he has someone? Ex-boyfriend wants his cake and to eat it too?

This might be a bit long, but I have an odd situation with an ex. We dated for an extremely short time while I was young. I've known him all of my life and I broke off our relationship because I know he's not relationship material. He is a little over three years older than me, but has always shown interest. He has never kept his hands off of me. At the same time, he will go months without talking to me and almost acts like he'd rather be hanging out with someone else.

I thought he was with someone so I confronted him so I wouldn't ruin another woman's relationship. The gist of our conversation was that it was complicated and he didn't consider them as a couple. I took this as a verbal admission of his single status, and we admittedly did some things, though not sex because I'm not making the mistake of committing myself that seriously to him.

It has happened on two different occasions. He seemed thoroughly interested in me and spending time with me. I've known him all my life and I know his personality, so when he acted differently I took notice. Then I checked his Facebook and his status is 'engaged.' From the sound of it, it has been engaged. In fact, he has pictures of his them in their apartment from months prior. He has went to special occassions with her and it seems, for all intensive purposes, a complete relationship.

So my question is, why is an ex pursuing me when he has someone? And why pursue me so thoroughly when he knows for sure I'm not going to have sex with him? I thought at first that he's just worried about commitment and I'm familiar, so naturally he'd go to me. However, he's done this all of my life; while he's dating others he tries to get my attention as if it would make me jealous or he can't resist me. Yet, if I pursue him in any way, he acts put-off and ignores me even though he knows I don't 'want' him in any real sense and I have plenty of options. This is out of curiosity because I honestly don't want him or a relationship with him. I just want to know why. I was also thinking about telling his fiance but I don't want to ruin their relationship, and I also don't want to put my foot in a door it doesn't belong in.


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  • bc he's an ass that wants two girls ast once

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