Why would guys say one thing and do the opposite?

Please explain to me why it is that I start getting things going finally. Be it a relationship or anything really. And then all at once everything just decides to crumble. And then just "laugh in my face" about it. If you know what I mean. Really? Dear guys.

Why would you act like you like a girl. TELL her that you like her for months, never ask her out. And then one day just decide to completely change everything. And tell her that nothing is going to happen?


It freaking hurts.


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  • I wouldn't do that. Psychologists (foremost being Piaget and Kohlberg) have proposed theories explaining moral development in people. One of the things that comes out of those theories is that people are at different levels of moral understanding, both in general age groups and general development. And many people never learn how to feel empathy (understanding another's feelings from their viewpoint and, usually, sympathizing with them).

    So he's an underdeveloped jerk.


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