We only lasted a day, what should I do?

So I met a new girl to my school like about 4 months ago. Eventually we started talking more and I walked her home. We spent our lunches together and we made plans to hang out and all that. We would text and all that and a few days ago we went together to a mutual friend's house. On our way back (she lives close to me) I walked her home and I asked her out. She said yeah and that night we texted using things like hunny/babe etc the next day at school we're still not as close as a real couple but we spend more alone time together...

but later that night she texts me telling me she wants to end because she needs more time. she tells me she jusst got out of a bad relationship. she claims to like me and says that she just things we're going to fast.


crap I MEANT 1 MONTH not 4 months


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  • Advice? She told you! Lol give her some space mon. Don't fall out of her life though. Let her know you are still there.


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  • Still be her friend just no lovey dovey crap till she's ready


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  • Ok if you have been talking to this girl for 4 months and all that chemistry and says yes to your proposal but then backs out? Well id say she is a flake, she doesn't know what she wants either she is trying to keep her options open or she just didn't know what she wanted.

    Her saying that she just got out of a bad relationship is complete BS unless you know about it in the 4 months that you and her were talking.

    I'd say stay away from this girl for a while or at least distance yourself and see how things go, just wait it out if you really want to and see what it is she wants.

    Good Luck

    • Well that sort of changes things, find out more about her past relationship, the length, the "damage" and how she feels now. Just be cool for a little bit and I would say give a her a little room you never know it could of been a very long and serious relationship she was in, woman are very sensitive.