Can my marriage be saved?

My husband just asked me to move out because he said I’m ruining his emotional and physical health because I’m completely and chronically stupid and unreliable and he just can’t handle it anymore.
Today we made a plan for me to meet him with water and the dogs at the end of his 10 mile run. I wanted to surprise him so I ordered the grocery delivery early but then had to wait for them at put them away. So I was an hour late and he was annoyed m, hot, and thirsty. Then I had to stop at the store to get his frozen fruit because I forgot to order it. Then he stated getting angry and was like HOW MANT TIMES DO I HAVE TO ASK YOU NOT TO GO TO THE STORE WITH THE COVID19 PROBLEM? DO YOU THINK FROZEN FRUIT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN NOT GETTING THE CORONAVIRUS? AND WHY DID YOU ORDER GROCERIES WHEN I WAS RELYING ON YOU TO MEET ME AFTER RUNNING 10 MILES IN 80 DEGREE WEATHER? WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SO FUCKING INCOMPETENT? YOU FUCKUP ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU DO AND I HAVE TO SUFFER THE RESULTS SND FIX IT FOR YOU. PLEASE MOVE OUT BEFORE I HAVE A FUCKING STRESS INDUCED HEART ATTACK.
Can my marriage be saved?
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