Does anybody believe in marriage for eternity?

I like to believe that marriage is for eternity, beyond death do us part and beyond looks and health does anybody else believe in it too? Many people today are getting married today on the whim of a decision and later getting divorced and it's making this sacred tradition more like a common thing people do. I know many people get a divorce because of different situations but if you became divorced it's clear that you made a mistake of picking the wrong person or the other person made a mistake of marring you.

And then there are the people that marry again after the loved one dies, does it not seem like cheating? Does anyone believe in one marriage for eternity? It just seem's like some people are not taking this thing seriously and think they have infinite chances of finding the right person instead of having found the right person. It's sad but some people aren't suppose to get married.That's why it's so special when two people find each other. What do you guys think?

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  • I agree, unfortunately the sanctity of marriage is rarely respected anymore. I find it extremely disappointing.


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  • The problem with marriage these days, is that women marry men thinking they will change, and men marry women thinking THEY WILL NOT CHANGE. In other words, people's expectations of marriage is unrealistic.


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  • Believing that marriage is for eternity is the reason WHY people rush into it. They find someone they are infatuated with and can't fathom that they can experience those strong emotions with anyone else. Even from a spiritual perspective, be it christian of Buddhist, the idea of there being ONE person for you is egotistical at best. Marriage is only for as long as it will last, that may be a day, that may be a month, that may be a year, and maybe eternity, but If you try to treat it like eternity from the start for sure you are in for a suprise

    • Eternal, always and forever never ending that should scare the crap out of you if your not serious about it think about it every second of every minute until NO END is that commitment or what?

    • Scare me? So are you talking about being married to someone eternally even if you hate eachother... Why would you want to make eachother's life miserable through the after life. I understand while being alive and having kids.

    • Well If you hate someone why did you get married? I could never hate a woman that birthed my children and I spent my life with. But don't get me wrong If your marriage went down the wrong turn you should have the right to get a divorce.

  • What traditional eternal Marriage system?

    It's always been until death.

    If you're going by the Bible, it's said that in Heaven people do NOT marry (or are given in marriage.)

    This is because God is your soul mate not another person. Marriage is for having families and raising children. The romantic idea of marriage as some sort of soul mate idea is a modern one.

    • The traditional eternal marriage I believe in

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    • Ah. I'm not that familiar with the Mormon Church's marriage view. However doesn't the Church allow polygamy? Or rather some groups of Mormons?

    • Yes it allows polygamy but that's what I don't like that if your partner dies your allowed to remarry and live eternity with all your partners

  • Marriage turned into a giant joke the day women received 'rights.' there are more rules letting people out of their personal responsibilities it's sickening. There is ZERO longevity in relationships and EVERYONE has the ability to walk away at any point in thier married life for a couple of bucks. Marriage is long since dead. Glad you guys have right, btw.

    • excuse me... what has a failed marriage got to do with women's rights?

    • When women gained equality among men (rightfully) a perpetual system of fairness was created that has grown into what you and I see as today's marriage. In truth, there is no excuse for you. If your marriage fails, (usually) excuses follow. This excludes psychopaths and abusers.

    • One doesn't have anything in common with the other. I believe in everybody having equal rights and being allowed to leave but I have a problem with people remarrying multiple times.

  • I don't believe in anything beyond death so no I don't believe in marriage for eternity. I don't believe in the marriage ceremony in general either because I am not religious. I would have my own small ceremony away from any church or religion and once I make a commitment I follow through with it. I don't need any belief in an afterlife or fear of God or hell or anything like that to stop me from cheating or wrongdoings. I believe we only live once so live life to the fullest with love and compassion.

  • On the current marriage system

    I don't believe in marriage in this day and age with no fault divorce. To think that you could look after your family, kids, well being and have your partner cheat on you on a whim and take you kids, your money, your house, your retirement fund and be required to pay child support and alimony because of something that she did destroying everything is just wrong.

    It's like rewarding a murderer for killing someone, or allowing a faudster to keep all the money they obtained just because they transferred it to a trust before being arrested.

    On eternal Marriage

    Some religions say that twins were matches made in heaven or people who were married in heaven. But the way I see this is, that it is very sad. If you were born the twin of your other half in todays world you are grown up and expected to find another partner, essentially losing your old partner in the proccess. So this kind of marriage doesn't last either, so you couldn't really call it eternal Marriage.

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