The wedding ring is off, advice?

OKay, so I've been talking to this guy for almost a good two months, we recently started 'dating' and he's the sweetest guy I've ever met...he is going through a divorce and for the whole two months we were talking he was still wearing his ring, yesterday I noticed that he didn't have it on, so does this mean that he's compleltly done with her and ready to move on?

so its been a few days and he has yet to put it back on, we were talking the other night and he told me that he was ready to move on and that he wishes he had met me sooner because I was the best thing to happen to him...he also stated that I mean a lot to him because I've been there for him through a lot and that I was there for him more in the past 2 months than his ex wife has been the entire time they've been together. so does that help?


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  • I wouldn't say that completely, other factors could have done that, like maybe he forgot to put it on? Or yes perhaps he is done with his previous marriage. Just ask him yourself, that's the best way to know the answer, and it shouldn't be too difficult.

    • Well there you go, it seems he ahs relied on you and the feelings that he has for you are true, and that the wedding ring is off indeffinantly, means that he is ready to start anew with you and get something started with you.

    • thanks! I think that he is being honest about everything considering that he has told his grandma about me and had me meet her... :)

    • All things are going pretty well id say, congrats on the meeting his grandma, that is family and thus he trust you very much.

      All is left to say is good Luck to you and him and have a bright future.

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  • Yeah you really just have to ask him how the divorce process is going.

    Other than that, you can't really just say it's over because his ring is off. Some times I have my husband give me his ring just so that he won't lose it because he has trouble losing his ring.

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