Ladies: would you go for this storybook proposal?

Let's say you know this guy named Charlie for quite some time, a year for example. You like him and get along with him but he's not quite your type. He disappears without a trace and you don't wonder about it. A month later, he returns in a starship landing on in the park which causes a crowd of onlookers from the neighborhood. From this ship walks out Charlie in a uniform. Charlie was "recruited" by the Galactic Alliance to fight against the evil Droggodon Empire and emerged a hero. He literally won the battle and saved us all! He is now a "Guardian of the Galaxy" and wants YOU to live with him off to the stars. He promises you a good live(he IS a Guardian afterall) but you won't be returning to Earth anytime soon.

Would you go with him and love him? Or is he not good enough for you?

Ladies: What if you knew Charlie but watched the otehr woman reject him? What would you do?

Come on folks, this is classic Knight-In-Shining-Armor here! Just use your imagination and respond

So basically, a man could be something high and mighty in the universe but still considered not good enough by women on earth. Damn. Whoever said "Earth Girls Are Easy", never tried to pick up a human!


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  • Would you go with him and love him?


    He wasn't my type to begin with and I haven't heard from him in a month & during that month he obviously changed as war changes everyone.

    Sorry but I respect him as a soldier and admire what he did but no on the proposal.

    Any girl who could change her mind like that because he's a hero seems like a status seeker.

    Or is he not good enough for you?

    How about I don't know him enough?

    This is pretty close to when this Iraq soldier came back & asked me out.

    Ladies: What if you knew Charlie but watched the otehr woman reject him? What would you do?

    Laugh sorry but why do guys do public proposals? It always seem like the girl has to say yes or she'll be a bitch. And if she says yes for the crowd but then says no for real in private she may be sparing his ego but she's hurting his heart.


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  • That is a tough choice. I might not be able to ride my motorcycle among the stars. If I wasn't so happy with my current partner, and was still single to mingle, I'd probably go with him. ;D

    • Try a turbo charged, cosmo-cycle with near infinite acceleration. Will that do?

  • Nahhh if I didn't even really care when he left I probably would have found someone else by then haha!:) plus I like earth:) a lot!

    • But he came back for YOU, not for someone else. And there are many other worlds to see in the galaxy. Still not good enough?

    • So he loves me but I don't love him anymore :( sad ending to a possible happy story. Because if I'm in love with another guy I'm not gonna go of who knows where with this guy who I liked who completely ditched me for no good reason


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