Why doesn't he want to get married anytime soon?

I don’t get it. We talk about getting married all the time. I’m ready to be engaged, so why doesn’t he even see it as a possibility within the near future. He has already acknowledged that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. In fact, he talks about us getting married at the end of 2012.

Call me crazy but isn’t that the kind of decision you:



B. Make once you are actually ENGAGED!

I’m about five seconds away from bashing my head against the nearest wall. Maybe I should just propose to him and be over and done with it.


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  • You need some communication. Sit down and tell him how you feel. If he's stringing you along, then maybe you need to move on to someone who will really understand how you feel and take you seriously.

    Maybe he just doesn't know you want to get engaged soon.


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  • he proposed 2012 to get married cause he believes the world will end in mid 2012. Don't go bashing your head against the wall. You got to sit him down and talk to him.


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  • Maybe he jsut isn't ready yet. Give it some time. If it really bugs you have a good talk with him. Also don't just propose because your desperate to get engaged..

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