Is it wrong to want something in common?

I'm 27 and finally thinking about my future a lot and want to settle down soon. I have been dating this girl for few years now but we don't have anything in common. All we have now is a handful of TV shows and don't really do much besides sit around watching tv. I feel like this will eventually lead to a boring marriage.

Since finishing my undergrad, I have been really into the whole going green and the environment. This is what my life is based around now and I don't see it changing.

The thing is that my girlfriend could care less about the environment and going green and it bothers me. I'm starting to feel like I need someone who shares this passion with me so we can grow together and do things together.


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  • you need someone you can relate to


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  • I think you're right. It's pretty critical that couples share political beliefs, IMO.

    • yea, iv tried to get into it but she has no interest what so ever.

      I think another reason is that she's 5 years younger and is still figuring things out.

      I know it took me a bit after college to figure things out and grow.

      Is it common for people to split up because of growing apart and change of interests?

    • Of course. Probably top 4 reason.