Do you guys think I’m in the wrong?

So I’m 22 just finished uni and now excited about living life. So my mum has been talking about getting an arrange marriage for me when I finish uni but I’m fully against it she fully knows this As I told her time after time I’m not ready. I’m not into all this traditional shit when I’m very modern. So my mum found this guy for me WITHOUT TALKING TO ME ABOUT IT!!! She showed a pic of him to my aunt and then my aunt texts me saying “ hey got a marriage proposal for u.” I felt SHIT ANS PRESSURED and straight away said no I’m still 22 wtf let me live!!! So I found out my mums been Also discussing this with my 12 old brother without coming to me first. So I got mad instead of saying anything I held it together with her but couldn’t help having a screwed face as I felt betrayed. So she got annoyed WITH ME! For having that face and sitting upstairs all day as I just feel depressed af with everything including lockdown (not being able to get away from this toxic household.) also everytime id go down she would indirect so much shit at me without talking to me while I’m still helping her even though she betrayed me like that. I also think she was mad that I declined that marriage proposal but after that how can u not have a screw face and be pissed? So she was in bad mood with me even tho she did this to me. So my Nan called me and then Nan called my mum saying I’m not picking up as I was downstairs helping my mum with my little sis even tho my mum knows I was down she’s still indirectly things at me like “why she not picking up she’s on her bloody phone day and night.” Then I said “look I know you’re talking about me u know I’m here now and my phones upstairs charging how do I know she’s calling? So I stormed upstairs breaking down!! Now I feel like my nan hates me she’s acting funny with me and Indirecting shit at me! I’ve had enough I have no where to go! I hate my family! Would you guys say I did anything wrong? I can’t fully fit the whole thing but there’s so much more
Do you guys think I’m in the wrong?
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