What's wrong with contemporary marriages?

Personally i still believe that two people should get married on a spiritual connection which was the case in early ages
Nowadays, the system got involved to monetise marriages and benefit from divorces.

Women are naively victims because all was needed is the system to appear on their side. Little they realise. The system is clevely design to appear caring for them which what stimulates them and program them to automatically want to claim half if not most of their partners wealth.

Men are also naively victims because. They easily manipulated through early expressed emotions. Little they know women express moments and promise love based on those moments. But those promises are rarely fulfilled as women's unrealistic thirst for attention and gifts and money is forever ongoing. This is the part where man aren't wired to keep up.

The point is both men and women are manipulated and used for profit and the system that designed the contemporary marriage where the woman has a say and makes decisions in everything is flawed from the get go. This formular however is never designed to work but it's design to be a profitable business.

The rare marriages that "work" are the one with a shift in leadership. The husband has no choice but to take the passenger seat and let the woman wear the trousers. And even in that case marriage is never perfect due to its nature and flawed formular. Even when the wife cheats due to the absence of the dominance of the husband. The husbands is to keep a blind eye and take the blame...
What's wrong with contemporary marriages?
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