What should I do for her my wife?

Me and my wife have been together for a year and 5 months we fight a lot about the stupidest sh*t what I work on what should we do we also started doin yoga together twice a week deffently relaxs us a bit so some tips please


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  • Getting married at an early age is dangerous. You are both learning about yourself and are still probably working out what you want in life. This is why I usually tell young people to wait as long as possible. You can date for 10 years and not make a marriage commitment. But you are married now. You made a commitment and I assume you mean to stick to it (I hope anyways).

    There will always be bad times, I think the first few years in a relationship are actually the hardest. As you grow older, both you and her will learn what is important in life, and learn how to pick your fights. Only then will the fights over small things stop. You are taking a great step in that you both found something to do together. I think spending as much time as possible sharing each others' interests is important.

    My advice is to talk to her, let her know that no matter how bad it gets.. you aren't going anywhere because you made a promise. Both of you are allowed to have your bad days, weeks, or even years. Stick with each other through these times, it builds an incredible trust level that you won't see in most young relationships. Try to only argue over things that are really important to you. Arguing over who doesn't do the dishes enough is silly and destructive. Sometimes you just have to grin and bare it.

  • surprise her ocasionally with romantic stuff, like flowers, romantic dinner, bath together, something like that.

    • Thanks the bath idea sounds good

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