I jokingly proposed to a girl on fb, and I think she thinks I am serious... what should I do?

Ye I made a joke that we should get married, like we were watching link and I said our wedding will be like this alright? She seems really serious about it though, I barely know her like only been on 1 date.


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  • perhaps you may want to leave certain topics out of your flirting such as marriage. tell her you were just joking around and get over it, like I can't believe you are freaking out about something this idiotic. and who brings up marriage as a joke, like there isn't plenty of other real stuff to joke about. you are one of those lame guys who says stuff to make a girl want you and then runs away when you have her aren't you? why don't you just be yourself? talk about something interesting, not stuff that you are obviously not ready for or haven't got a clue about.

    • I was joking and the joke was the absurdity of asking her to marry me. For example: she lives far away and I told her she should come here and she asked with what money? and I told her don't worry I will rob a bank tomorrow and get you the ticket. Does she think I am serious about that?

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  • You should have said IF we get married, our wedding... BUT it is too late. You screwed up. :-p

    Any way, she doesn't think you are serious. DUH. She would be talking to you about when and the honeymoon, etc. She might be excited that you would say something to her about marriage, but I doubt she thinks you were really proposing. If she does, that would be sad.

    • That is the scary thing I felt like she was. We have kissed and we are very close but now I live far away in another country. Anyway I told her I was joking but there was a seriously long silence before she responded after that. Then she said something along the lines you now have my heart, do what you want. God I really can't tell if she is serious.

    • Hahahaha... Yikes. :-)

  • That's not funny. Girls don't take marriage "proposals" lightly. Tell her you were joking.

    • I would say I was flirting didn't expect her take it seriously. I mean we have been on one date. I like her but obviously wouldn't just propose to her.

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