Could he be thinking about proposing?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months now but we've been really close friends, best friends actually, for 3 years. I'm 20 and he's 22 and we'll be living together in a few days(I'm moving into his condo0 for the summer before I leave to university next fall. We are for sure staying together and when I come home for breaks and summer I'll be living with him. that was to introduce us.

now lately some signs I've noticed that have made me feel that he may be proposing are;

1. He says he has a surprise for me for my birthday/ our six month(next month) and will not say what it is.

2, we talk about the future together all the time.

3.He lately has been saying how much he loves me and we just vibe together so well

now the other day the sign that kinda threw this together was this

we got on the topic of marriage becuase some of our friends are getting married and we got to joking about silly things to wear to a wedding and I forgot what exactly was said but it led to his response of "Oh you know because my whole plan all along for our six month is to propose to you" he said it sarcastically but almost like he was testing the waters about I reading too much into this or could this be a possibility?

we are really good together we have been through A LOT in our relationship things that I won't write on here but just know that a couple that wasn't strong wouldn't make it though (not anything one did to the other but an incident) and he has said before that I'm the type of girl he'd marry this was said before we were actually together..

so what do y'all think? if you want more info just ask and I can maybe get into more detail please nothing mean I just really am curious...

another thing I think why he may is because I'll be moving 200 miles away for college and maybe he wants to make us strong together so that we keep the loving bond because we'll not only be boyfriend and girlfriend but fiances

sorry about the typos my keyboard is kind of messed up


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  • A proposal sounds somewhat likely. However, my other thought --- is there a chance that he might move close to your school and that's the surprise he's talking about?

    • no because he's enrolled at a university around here he's an engineering student and my school doesn't have as good of a program so I know that wouldn't be it. plus his place is already payed off so him moing right after paying it off I don't think he'd do.

    • Then I would say there is good chance of a proposal.

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