My ex is engaged? WTF? Will it last? Someone help me out!!!

These past months my ex boyfriend has told me that we were going to work it out and try again. that's what he has been telling me all this time. And one day while we were apart he was out seen with another female. So they took a pic, and I asked him nicely,"If he wanted to just moved on and etc?"He says,"No I don't, we are just friends." Later, I caught him with my own eyes kissing the girl and I didn't confront them. I told him later that you don't kiss friends. As much as I wanted to be with him I figured by telling him something would give. Its like he overlooked that and said that he wants to be with and etc.Later I found out they are in a relationship, and now engaged and I'm 100% they Haven't know each other long. However the female knew he was in a relationship and just got out of one. I am pissed. Everyone is saying the engagement won't last long at all. Will it last you think? Or is this something to get over me quickly or rebound?

We were together 6 years


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  • wait a minute

    do you mean to tell me that when people break up

    the people they break up with go and see other people and marry them sometimes?

    your kidding me right?

    I though once I was done with them that they just never dated again or touched anyone and spent the rest of their lives all alone..

    Please tell me I am right

    I can also tell you that when a guy wants to rebound or get over a girl quickly the first thing that comes to his mind is MARRIAGE

    uh uh, yup

    • He is a spare of the moment kind of guy.

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    • I'd say he is playing you. Just forget him (and yes, I know its hard especially after six years)

    • Definitely.

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