Will I be able to stay?

My boyfriend/fiancé/whoever and I had been together for right around a year now and three months ago, he got himself into a predicament where we were going to be separated for three to four months. When he had been away for close to a week, he called and told me how being away from me, made him feel like he never wanted to feel that type of distance between us again, so he asked me to marry him. Oh course I agreed, I love him more than anything. Now he's about to be back home. Two days ago his mother got him alone and basically told him not to marry me, while to my face, she's helping me get all the arrangements ready for the marriage. His amazing aunt told me that his mother was blabbing to the whole family that he was going to back out on me. I asked him about it and he preceded to tell me how he thinks it would be best to wait. Being a female, I was disappointed, especially in the fact that he is constantly reassuring me about our relationship and now he is wanting to take a step backwards. I was so happy with our relationship before he proposed, I had no complaints. Now that we Ave been engaged and are now I guess, waiting, I feel like there has been an unnecessary complication put on our relationship, and it stresses me. I find myself being a bit resentful towards him because I am staying upset over it. He tells me that I should be happy that he wants to make sure he can take care of me before he promises to, but I feel like when he comes home I won't be able to act the same with him as I did before he left. Can anybody tell me why I am so frustrated with this situation? I know to some people it may seem petty since we are still together, but I haven't been able to shake the melancholy feeling I have adopted recently. Thanks.


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  • Well first of all you guys are still together

    Second of all he said the reason he doesn't want to rush into marriage is because he doesn't know if he'll be able to take care of you, which is a reasonable excuse.

    thirdly, I think that even though his mother is trying to meddle into your relationship, it seems you and him are still together so it shows how strong you guys are.

    Lastly I would just be the perfect fiance to him and hope that he will talk it over with you and you both can make a date of when you want to get married.

    open communication is the key to a perfect relationship. Talk about what he wants and what you want for your relationship right now and in the future.

    good luck

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