Wife cheats, Sorry (I'm not even sure) but, tells me?

Alright so, really don't feel like typing this entire story so really short version. Wife cheats. Been together 23 years. Married 6. One child, female 11 years. Suddenly going out 4-5 nights a week. I'm working 12-15 hour days. Getting maybe 4 to 6 hours sleep a night. For like 6 years straight. Wife doesn't work, hasn't since 2 months before our daughters birth. I question what she's doing. Answers with just hanging out. I'm like cool, whatever. Goes on for about 3 months before I start to have questions. Tells me nah, everything good. Few months later I find out/she tells me. I'm devastated, shocked, and honestly sickened by the whole thing. (Y'all don't even know how deep the rabbit hole goes.) Here it is. Wife says, if I want to save the marriage and fight for her then I need to get a therapist/council but under no circumstances will she stop seeing this man because they are friends and she has developed feelings for his family and more specifically his daughter. (Man has 3 and custody of none, meaning zero. The one the wife speaks of his mother has custody of and Man lives on back porch. Yes you heard me right.) You tell me. Would you wanna "fight for her"? Is this in ANY way ok. She has done an about face in terms of her personality, temperament, everything. That's whatever tho. All I wanna know is, from girls and guys, is what your thoughts are on if your spouse said to you... what I said above. Under no circumstances blah blah. Oh and check this out. Purchased a house 5 years ago and already has almost 100,000 in equity. Both of us accumulated 50,000 plus in dept. I filed for bankruptcy almost 3 years ago, she refused. Divorce lawyer for myself is 4,000. I will inherit half her debt which was primarily used for tummy tuck, lift, and implants. 50/50 child custody, selling our 5 year old house ill never be able to get back or feasibly be able to replicate. I lose however you look at it. Even wants the house for herself using child. Answers please. Thank u
Wife cheats, Sorry (I'm not even sure) but, tells me?
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