Am I wrong/weird for not wanting a big wedding?

Lately I have been thinking of qualities I would like in a woman since my career is finally lining up and I have a decent shot at finally fixing my credit. I've even fantasized about getting as far as marriage and having an equal partner who has my back and I have hers through the toughest trials of life. However, I do not want a wedding for several reasons (though I guess I would for her if she wanted it badly enough and she meant that much to me). First is the cost. I've had bad credit since I was 20 and am just now starting a solid plan to get out of debt vs. just fumbling and hoping things line up. If things go ok I can be debt-free in about 4 years. I would be super hesitant to take another massive loan right after obtaining financial freedom. Also, that money could be used to have an amazing honeymoon and/or give us a smooth financial start to our lives together. The 2nd reason is I do not believe our relationship should be a show for others. My mother definitely would want me and the bride to have a big wedding and she even (often times when not even asked) gives hints at wedding ideas and hints it is time for me to find someone. Finally, what if the marriage ended? These thoughts have crossed my mind. What is your input?
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I also do not want to wait too many more years to find someone.
Am I wrong/weird for not wanting a big wedding?
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