What are his plans when he tells me this?

My boyfriend is in the army and will be out really soon. He told me "we will be going on the best date that you will remember for the rest of your life". Some friends said something fun. And some say they think he's going to propose. I'm at a loss. He always tells me he'll love me forever and I'm the love of his life. So any idea on what the deal is?


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  • He very well could be proposing, but whatever it is just remember to act surprise! : )

    • definately will! I'm hoping he is. haha! :)

  • theres no way to now for sure you're just gonna have to wait it out and see what happens... how much longer is he going to be in for?

    • 3-5 weeks. he's at the end of his discharge process.

    • ahhhh hmmm not sure... how long have yall been together... it could very well be a proposal but who knows with men sometimes theyre so difficult to figure out lol