Thinking boyfriends want to propose/marry me. Help?!

I've had in mind the last few months, that my partner has wanted to propose to me, we are currently in a long distance relationship. /: But, he won't because we aren't living with each other at the moment. (We've met before).

And last night, we had this conversation, and I said.. "I'm not calling work up, because you wanted to go to the bar with your friends last night, I'll call them up when you are sick, I'm not your wife." His reply "But, why aren't you my wife, then?" Then about 10 minutes later, I told him to go marry pizza, because I know how much he loves it, he said "I can't marry 2 things, that's illegal." ... Me: "What's the second thing?" Him: "You of course!"

He's also, started working a lot more hours, eating correctly, buying things for his apartment that he knows I'll love, gotten a new bed, and "saving up, so he can provide for me."

I'm starting, to think these are the signs of him wanting to marry me? Because, I feel like he's giving me hints, we've been together for 14 months as well.

Kim x


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  • I think those are all really great signs! And if I was you I'd be thinking the exact same thing. Marriage is definately on his mind that is for sure!

    I wouldn't start counting your chickens yet though. Just because he's thinking about it doesn't mean it is going to happen anytime soon. Trust me...I'm in that boat and I've been waiting for months.

    I got so excited and now I feel really disapointed when we go out on big dates and nothing happens. Keep it mellow. Relax and enjoy. It'll happen eventually.

    • I'm having a real hard time deciding, whether or not.. He's going to do it or not! ARGH... But, he's talked about how he feels like he has to be the husband and provide for me, etc. But, you know it's really tough subject, I'm not doubting he's going too.. It's just in the back of my mind, what he's trying to mean everything, he says something. Men LOL! :P

      Thank you, Kamio!